Dixie Dansercoer and his Polar Experience team welcome you on a customised step-by-step journey toward your polar expedition.
Explore the polar experience way.
Polar Level 1
Spitsbergen Expedition

Designed for the beginner with a gradual introduction to the polar atmosphere. After your Polar Initiation Training, you are now on your way toward your first real expedition. You will journey to one of the most accessible areas of the High Arctic, the Svalbard Archipelago and the island of Spitsbergen.

Before departure, you will be assisted with your personal clothing choices necessary for action and comfort in the deep Arctic cold. This expedition allows you to literally put one foot in front of the other with the confidence and caring assistance of our experienced Polar Experience guides.

  • Expedition on snowshoes & on foot.
  • 9-day trip with five days of life on the ice in Spitsbergen.
  • Stay in expedition tents for 4 nights.
  • Guided by Dixie Dansercoer or a member of our guide team over frozen fjords
 and vast ice fields.
  • The acquisition of a good all-round polar experience.
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2022-03-06 - 2022-03-13
Polar Level 2
Russia - Lake Baikal Expedition

Mystical. Mythical. This expedition is the perfect start in our Level 2 program. The imagination as well as the body undergoes continuous stimulation in this sensual environment. You will have the impression of literally walking on water while the sharp sounds of retracting ice serenade you.

Each step forward provides an otherworldly scene of below surface ice sculptures designed by Mother Nature. Fitness level requires the ability to progress between 6-8 hours per day while pulling your own sled filled with your food and personal belongings.

  • Experience the ambiance of a polar expedition in Siberia.
  • 200 kilometre trail heading South to North on the frozen lake.
  • Stay in expedition tents.
  • Proceed via boots with crampons.
  • Independently pull your own sled loaded with your personal belongings, including food, clothing and equipment.
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2022-02-18 - 2022-03-01
Polar Level 2
Greenland - Arctic Circle Trail Expedition

If you're ready for the next level, we offer this deep winter 2-week immersion in Greenland. Our participants have previously experienced cold weather tent camping and have a basic skillset involving cross-country skiing. Progression will require a physical stamina level that allows for 6-8 hours per day of effort.

You will travel autonomously by ski with all of your gear, food and personal belongings stored neatly in your own pulka. Your guide will teach you how to be extremely vigilant for the prevention of frostbite in these conditions. Shelters along the trail for the local Greenlandic hunters will provide an occasional evening luxury when available.

  • Navigate the entire length of the Arctic Circle Trail (160 kilometres) between Kangerlussuaq and Sissimiut.
  • Progression via skis while pulling all equipment in your personal sled.
  • Acclimate to deep cold temperatures.
  • Sleep in tents and also in an occasional hut along the trail (depending on availability).
  • Enjoy the opportunity to interact with Greenland's people and their rich culture.
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Expeditions Unlimited
2022-02-27 - 2022-03-12
Polar Level 3
Antarctica - Queen Maud Land Expedition

Designed for polar enthusiasts, our unique excursion into Antarctica's Queen Maud Land allows for flexibility and variation. This personalised experience enables the choice of a man-haul ski expedition or a snow-kite odyssey in the pristine terrain around Wolf's Fang Adventure Camp.

This region of Antarctica is known for its favourable weather conditions and lack of crowds. It remains a heavenly place for the pure expedition lover and an absolute bucket-list destination.

  • 10 day expedition-style discovery tour in Queen Maud Land.
  • Travelling via Cape Town, you will make your way to the Antarctic continent to Wolf's Fang Adventure Camp.
  • Under the guidance and leadership of Dixie Dansercoer, you will be able to experience one of the most amazing landscapes in the world.
  • Designed for polar enthusiasts with a customised dream.
  • Get ready for a once-in-a-lifetime experience!
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2021-11-11 - 2021-11-25
Polar Level 3
Antarctica - Last Degree South Pole

90° South. This destination has been sought after by explorers of legend, and now it can be an achievement of your own. The South Pole must be earned through an earnest program of physical and mental preparation. An expert knowledge of polar equipment is also required and our team will help you with a solid training in all areas.

This expedition is for participants of an advanced level and requires discipline and dedication. You will be assisted throughout your preparation phase by Dixie and our Polar Experience team to ensure that you are indeed ready for the admirable quest to reach the very bottom of our globe.

  • Man-haul odyssey from 89° to South Pole.
  • Travelling via Punta Arenas and Union Glacier.
  • Under leadership by Dixie or one of our qualified Polar Experience guides, you will be able to safely experience one of the most remote landscapes in the world.
  • Designed for experienced polar enthusiasts.
  • A once-in-a-lifetime achievement!
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2021-12-04 - 2021-12-20
Polar Level 3
Arctic Ocean - Last Degree North Pole

Perhaps the most physically challenging of all of our expeditions, this journey to the elusive pinnacle of our planet deserves an actual rating of 3+. With a sled in tow, you will ski approximately 111 kilometres from 89° to 90° North, navigating continuously among frozen compression zones and open water leads.

The North Pole is a dynamic GPS point that forces you to flexibly shift at the whim of the Arctic Ocean's currents. Some days you will be pushed generously toward your goal, other times you will march against the mercy of a backward drift. In the end, your achievement of finally standing at the precise North Pole, even if only for a few brief moments, will feel sweeter than you can possibly imagine.

  • Guided expedition across the pristine frozen Arctic Ocean to the geographical North Pole. With a sled in tow, you will autonomously ski 111 km from 89° to 90° North.
  • Under the leadership of Dixie Dansercoer or a qualified member of our Polar Experience guide team, you will spend eight to ten hours navigating the pack ice each day (trekking approximately 15 km per day) with nightly camping on the polar ice.
  • Depending on the circumstances, your expedition will last approximately ten days. It’s the perfect amount of time to immerse yourself in the intense enjoyment of the almost supernatural atmosphere, the radiant light, and the shapes and colours of an icy world that extends as far as the eye can see.
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2022-04-03 - 2022-04-18
Polar Level 3
Greenland - South to North Snowkite Traverse

Accompanied by snowkite pioneer Dixie Dansercoer, you set off on an exhilarating and incredible journey across the Greenland Ice Cap. Sailing from Kangerlussuaq in the South, you will arrive approximately 1500 kilometres later in the town of Qaanaaq.

This expedition requires a myriad of skills, including ski and kite proficiency and cold-weather camping experience. Dixie will personally train you prior to the expedition to ensure that you are ready for this not-to-underestimate challenge of flow personified.

  • Accomplish an exclusive unsupported snowkite expedition that few have attempted or completed.
  • You will be accompanied by Dixie Dansercoer, pioneering snowkite expert and one of the world’s leading polar guides.
  • An immersion in a wild and untamed natural environment, ideal for contemplation and reflection.
  • Not just a physical challenge but above and beyond human adventure.
  • Progress and flow depend on wind and ice conditions - a genuine experience testing your resilience and humility.
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2021-04-29 - 2021-06-03
Polar Level 3
Greenland - West to East Traverse

This demanding expedition crosses the Greenland Ice Cap from West to East on skis while autonomously pulling your own sled. The distance of approximately 600 kilometres from Kangerlussuaq to Isortoq is replete with challenging terrain and frigid temperatures that can drop to as low as -20°C to -30°C.

It is first and foremost a great human adventure that requires real team spirit and group cohesion. The key to success lies in patience and determination within a broad-minded approach. Acclimatisation to the cold and carefully paced physical efforts fall under the expertise of your Polar Experience guide.

  • Accomplish an unsupported mythical expedition across the Greenland Ice Cap.
  • Guided by an experienced Polar Experience guide and prepared by Dixie Dansercoer.
  • 100% successful expeditions in our 4 previous crossings: 2017, 2018 and twice in 2019.
  • An immersion in a wild and untamed natural environment, ideal for contemplation and reflection.
  • Not just a physical challenge but above and beyond a human adventure.
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2022-04-29 - 2022-06-03
Polar Training & Consultancy

All levels. Dixie Dansercoer and our Polar Experience guides provide personalised and thorough training for anyone interested in the skills necessary for polar exploration. We offer beginners the chance to learn both theory and practice during our Polar Initiation Weekend in the Belgian Ardennes. From there we progress with a solid Cold Training in Switzerland, which includes an overnight camping experience in the snow.

For curious souls who wish to learn or perfect the finesse of snowkiting, we offer a course in Norway that can be customised to your level. And for the determined adventurer with BIG plans, Dixie designs individualised Polar Consultancy sessions for the preparation and execution of ambitious polar expedition projects. Sharing our knowledge and experience is perhaps our greatest joy among our tasks at Polar Experience.

Polar Training & Consultancy
Belgium - Polar Initiation Weekend

Everything you need to know about the preparation of a polar expedition. This beginner level course, designed by Dixie Dansercoer, has a balanced instruction between classroom theory and outdoor equipment practicum. Physical and mental training are also addressed, including a Sunday morning hike or run enjoyed in the neighbouring countryside.

The quaint village of Villers-Sainte-Gertrude in the Belgian Ardennes provides a remote and intimate location for our group. After a full day of work, your first evening is spent with an entertaining expedition movie night, a cold Belgian brew, and the opportunity to personally ask Dixie your various questions about polar travel.

  • Beginner Level.
  • 2-day workshop in the Belgian Ardennes led by polar expert Dixie Dansercoer.
  • Open to anyone interested in the polar regions.
  • Balanced instruction between classroom theory and outdoor equipment practice.
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Expeditions Unlimited
2021-10-23 - 2021-10-24
Polar Training & Consultancy
Norway - Snowkite Training

We learn and perfect basic kite skiing techniques thanks to the advice and lessons of Dixie or one of our experienced guides. We take the time to review skills such as how to open and launch the sail, how to manipulate and pull it in the wind, and how to tack in the breeze. You organically progress in kite skiing while controlling your speed while coping with the meteorological constraints of the environment.

As the hours pass, you will feel more at ease in the use of the skis both upwind and downwind and in the carving of the sail. We live this journey like an expedition with a daily basecamp established in the Hardangervidda National Park. Our program aims to prepare you for a first polar expedition where kite skiing will be a means of travel.

  • Learn to kite, improve your snowkite skills, or prepare your first polar kite expedition.
  • Tips and tricks from snowkite pioneer Dixie Dansercoer or one of our experienced kite guides.
  • Soar along the mythical Hardangervidda High Plateau.
  • Enjoy video reviews of your daily progress each evening with your instructor.
Upcoming trips
Norway - Snowkite Training
2022-03-01 - 2022-03-06
Polar Training & Consultancy
Switzerland - Cold Training

This is your chance to put theory into practice. Dixie Dansercoer has designed this course for beginner & intermediate adventurers who desire a thorough introduction to cold weather expedition travel and camping. The group will meet for instructional theory on the morning of Day 1 and then head immediately up into the mountains for a snowshoe trek with breathtaking views of the Aletsch Glacier.

On Day 2 you will begin a snowshoe trek and pull your own trainer-sled to the alpage at Chäserstatt. Before the light fades, you will establish your campsite with the patient instruction and assistance of our guide and then experience your first "polar" night under the stars.

  • Led by Dixie Dansercoer or one of our Polar Experience guides.
  • Practical training for a polar expedition with a focus on performance in the cold.
  • Essential theoretical and practical concepts including safety, orientation and camping.
  • One night winter camping experience in tents.
  • Magnificent setting on the Chäserstatt Plateau.
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Expeditions Unlimited
2022-01-21 - 2022-01-23
Polar Training & Consultancy
Polar Consultancy

For the ambitious polar adventurer with BIG plans. Dixie completely customises your preparatory trajectory and guides you toward a safe and successful expedition.

Dixie's vast experience, knowledge and connections throughout the polar community enable him to assist you in the most outrageous of plans.

  • Personalised step-by-step training trajectory.
  • Assistance in equipment selection and usage.
  • Tips & tricks for the advanced-level polar explorer with anticipation of an extended time out on the ice.
  • Introduction to destination experts in local logistical support.
  • Please contact Dixie directly for more information about his private consultation services.
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