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Conditions of use for this website managed by Polar Experience (Trade Name established 2014) under Polar Circles BV (Legal Name established 2010).


You may use this website and the information on this website if you follow all terms and conditions presented in these rules. Polar Experience can unilaterally change these conditions at any time.

Intellectual property rights

You expressly acknowledge that the information and data provided are and remain the property of Polar Experience (Trade Name established 2014) under Polar Circles BV (Legal Name established 2010). The texts, logos, images and other items on the website are protected by copyright.  If you wish to reproduce or share any part of this website with third parties, you must obtain the express written permission of Polar Experience / Polar Circles BV, unless it is not considered to be necessary as stipulated in the Law of 30 June 1994 regarding copyright and related rights. You have, for example, the right to download information from this website and reproduce it for private use, as well as the right to distribute it at no cost within the family circle.

Some names, signs or logos on this website are registered trademarks. You may not use these. If Polar Experience / Polar Circles BV offers you the opportunity to post your own contributions on the website, you may not post any work that is protected by copyright or any other related rights, unless you yourself own these rights or have all necessary permission from the appropriate owner for this exploitation on the website. In any case, you indemnify Polar Experience / Polar Circles BV from all claims made by third parties.

Making a hyperlink to a website managed by Polar Experience / Polar Circles BV

You may include a link to the home page of the Polar Experience website from your own website. The webpage on which the hyperlink is present must completely disappear and the URL address of the Polar Experience website must be clearly visible. You may only apply other hyperlinks with the express written approval of Polar Experience / Polar Circles BV. You can send your request to the webmaster of the Polar Experience site.

Links to other websites managed by Polar Experience

This website contains links to other Polar Experience websites. The use of these websites is also subject to these conditions of use.

Links to websites managed by third parties

The Polar Experience sites contain links to websites that are managed by third parties. These links are solely for user information. Polar Experience does not check these websites or the information that is found on them. Polar Experience cannot be held responsible for the content or the quality of these websites. A link does not necessary signify that Polar Experience and the managers of these websites collaborate in any manner, or that Polar Experience approves of the information appearing on these websites.

PolarExperience / Polar Circles BV’s liability

The information on the Polar Experience site is the result of meticulous research and analysis. Polar Experience strives to be as accurate and complete as possible in the information. If the information on the website is incomplete or contains any errors, Polar Experience cannot be held responsible. Under no circumstance do malfunctions, interruptions or errors in the electronic delivery of services requested via the website entitle you to the right to any financial compensation.

Policy relating to the protection of personal privacy

You can freely visit the Polar Experience website and consult information about our organisation and services. You can call up or view certain travel programmes without having to provide personal details. If, and only if you wish to participate in competitions or receive certain services (such as making travel reservations, enrolment for the newsletter, requesting brochures, etc.) will you need to provide personal data. Polar Experience will handle any personal information you provide as detailed in the policy described here and in line with the legal obligations relating to the processing of personal data.

Confidential processing of personal data

Personal data collected by Polar Experience will be saved in a secure environment that is not accessible to the public. The file can only be consulted by a limited number of people in service of Polar Experience, who require the information for the performance of their jobs. The information will be processed and used solely for internal purposes. Your personal data will not be given to third parties unless these third parties are contractually linked with Polar Experience or act on behalf of Polar Experience. Their access is contractually limited to the data that they need for the performance of their duties. As a rule, Polar Experience does not give any personal data to third parties that are not contractually linked to Polar Experience, except to fulfil any legal requirements and in the case of express request from the judicial authorities or police services. In the exceptional situation that Polar Experience provides personal data to organisations with which it works, it will be expressly reported, or your will be expressly asked for your permission.

Purpose of processing

For competitions, quizzes, games, votes and actions: Polar Experience processes the personal data that is provided to be able to contact you. The data is not kept for any longer than necessary.

Upon registration to receive services (such as travel reservations, the enrolment for newsletters, the request for brochures, etc.): Polar Experience processes the personal data provided to be able contact you and to be able to offer the optimal service. The data can also be used to inform you about news facts, new services and Polar Experience events. If you do not wish to receive such information, you can report it by e-mail or by letter to the webmaster of the Polar Experience site. In the information e-mails that Polar Experience sends you, there will always be a rubric or a link by which you can cancel a subscription.

Permission for processing

By providing your personal data, you give Polar Experience express permission to process it for the purposes specified above. If Polar Experience wishes to use your personal data for other purposes or wishes to provide it to organisations or companies with which they collaborate, Polar Experience will ask your express permission and you have every right to decline the request.

Right to view, correct and delete personal data

You have the right to view, and have corrections made to any inaccurate or incomplete data that Polar Experience has registered to you. Furthermore, at any time, you can request that your personal data is removed from the Polar Experience files.

You can always contact the webmaster of the Polar Experience site in relation to this.

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